Terms & Conditions | cabme.in


  1. Eligibility Age:-The minimum age to hire a CABME self-drive car is 21 years.
  2. Documents required:-
    • Driving license
    • Passport/Voter ID / Aadhaar Card
  3. Rental Period:- Rental period will be a minimum of 24 Hrs From the user booking time. This 24 Hours shall be calculated from the time the user puts the picking time online.
  4. Delivery / collection of the car:- Car must be returned at the location from which it was picked up/hired.
  5. Security deposit:-
    • Pay online with rental amount.
    • Pay cash at the time of obtaining delivery of the vehicle.
  6. Vehicle Certificate:- Original RC, All India Permit, Insurance Document, Fitness, PUC & copy of Selfdrive documents.
  7. Accessories & Tools:- Accessories & tools like Jack, Spare Tyre, MP3 Player, Tools etc.
  8. Booking Extension:- In case user want to extend booking, user have to extend booking on his own (depends on vehicle availability).
  9. Vehicle Damage:- Repair & damage charges to be paid by the user. In case damage cost goes beyond the security deposit of specifically rented vehicle, insurance claim may be filed and repair/depreciation amount ( in case of insurance claim ) & parts which are not covered under insurance (Such as Tyres, Tools, Windshield, accessory theft/misplaced, Interior Damaged, Crane Charges etc) will be recovered from the user to the full. The assessment of damage made by the company will be final. Insurance claim is subjected to the company's discretion.
  10. Traffic Rule Violation:- Cost of any traffic rule violation during the rental tenure will be borne by the user directly. In cases where challans are received by the company via post upon completion of the agreement, the company is allowed to charge to the user online. The user shall follow all the rules and regulations under applicable laws while driving the vehicle and otherwise including applicable speed limits.
  11. Early Return policy:- If the client returns the vehicle early from his/her time, In such cases NO Refund will be considered for the remaining time from the booking period.
  12. Cleanliness:- The company refuses the vehicle to be used to carry pets, goods or any other object which can annihilate the upholstery/any part of the vehicle. In such an event, the user will be penalized with the actual cost towards repairing/cleaning of the interior/exterior of the vehicle.


The Hirer can cancel the booking by logging into his/her CABME account through the CABME website/mobile application. The Hirer may send in the details of the booking he/she is willing to cancel by email on or call us on '18001216162' Cancellation charges will be applicable.
In case customer choose to cancel their subscription request after the vehicle is handed over, then subscription Fee paid by customer is liable to be forfeited at customer discretion.