Shipping Policy

Self-Drive mean providing the Vehicle to Me, for the Purpose, during the Hire Period or Additional Term, as the case may be, and more particularly stated in sub-clause
1.1.(g) above and clause 4 below “Schedule of Charges” means various other charges including damage charges, in addition to Hire Charges which becomes due and payable by Me upon occurrence of any of events specified in the said section of Schedule of Charges and displayed on Website at
1.2 Interpretation
Unless the context otherwise requires in the document:
o words importing persons or parties shall include firms and corporations and any organizations having legal capacity;
o words importing the singular include the plural and vice versa where the context so requires;
o reference to any law shall include such law as from time to time enacted amended, supplemented or re-enacted;
o reference to any gender includes a reference to all other genders;
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(1) Upon receipt of the booking request as specified in Reservation Details from Myself by You through Website or Mobile Application or through Coordinates and upon providing of Booking Confirmation o by You to Me, You have agreed to provide the Vehicle on Hire basis to Me for the Purpose for a day(s)/ for a month(s) mentioned in the Reservation Details
(2) At the time of handing over of the Vehicle to Me, either I have signed a physical document known as checklist or signed digitally through Vehicle Delivery App acknowledging the receipt of the Vehicle alongwith Vehicle details such as make, model, Registration No of the Vehicle etc. I confirm that the Hire Period shall commence immediately upon handing over the Vehicle to the Me by Your representatives.
(3) I hereby confirm that:
(4) I have attained 21 years of age as on Commencement Date;
(5) I have driving experience of a minimum of 1 year and that I am possessing valid driving license, voter ID/Passport and/or PAN and Aadhaar Card which I have furnished to You.
(6) I have taken Vehicle on Hire from You at My own risk and I shall be solely liable for any accident, failure or loss or damage of any kind whatsoever that may be caused to or occasioned by Me in connection with or incidental to the provision of the Vehicle on a Hire basis. You shall not be liable for any loss, damage, costs, charges or expenses whatsoever that may be caused to or occasioned by Me or any other person seated in the Vehicle unless specifically mentioned in this document
(7) Upon end of the Hire Period or Additional Term, as the case may be, I shall inspect the Vehicle to check whether I have left any of My luggage and/or items at the time of handing over the Vehicle back to You. At no point in time, You shall be responsible for any luggage and/or items left by Myself and/or the co passengers in the Vehicle
(8) I hereby undertakes to abide by existing legislation and Applicable Law pertaining to the use of Vehicle including but not limited to situation when a border is crossed. If, due to non-compliance with the foregoing, the authorities temporarily or permanently impound the Vehicle, all the costs, charges and expenses including fines, charges incurred / to be incurred to ensure that the Vehicle is released at the earliest, shall be borne by Myself.
(9) The Vehicle will be filled with fuel upto the liters as displayed in the fuel gauge indicator on the dashboard or instrument panel. I shall verify the fuel gauge indicator at the time of taking possession of Vehicle before Commencement Date. I shall have to return the Vehicle with number of liters of fuel as was available and indicated in fuel gauge indicator at the time of Commencement Date. If the Vehicle is returned by Me with lesser fuel than required to make the number of liters as was available in the fuel gauge indicator at the time of Commencement Date, then, I shall pay to You the cost of the liters of fuel required to fill the fuel tank as required to bring it to the level prevalent at the time of Commencement Date and indicated in fuel gauge indicator. Your decision in this regard shall be final in determining the number of liters required to fill the fuel tank. Besides above, I shall be required to pay charges as specified in Schedule of Charges for refueling to be done by You. You shall deduct the fuel cost along with service charge and other charges from the Security Deposit or I shall undertake to pay the same through weblink provided by You to Me, as the case may be.
(10) I shall take possession of the Vehicle from the pickup point specified in the Reservation Details and hereby consent to adhere to and comply with the instructions as issued by CABME (“Instructions/Guidelines”) from time to time which includes
(i) Taking My photograph along with Vehicle
(ii) taking photograph of the Vehicle number plate
(iii) for payment of interstate charges when the state border is crossed. I hereby explicitly allow Your representative to take picture as required under this section
(11) I am permitted to drive the Vehicle up to the Permissible Kilometer. Any usage of the Additional Kilometers shall attract the extra kilometer charges as specified in the Booking Confirmation ..
(12) The Vehicle shall have the luggage carrier provided I have opted the same and specified in Reservation Details. If for any reason the luggage carried is not provided by You to Me, despite opted by Me at the time of booking of the Vehicle, then You shall refund the charges paid by Me towards the luggage carrier
(13) I acknowledge that You reserve unilateral right to reject the booking request at any subsequent stage without assigning any reason provided You agree to refund the Security Deposit and advance Subscription Fees withing 7 to 10 working days of cancellation by you.
(14) If third-party lays claim to or detains the Vehicle or otherwise take any action in respect of the Vehicle, I shall take immediate action to ensure that the Vehicle is released from such detention and / or such claim is fully satisfied by Me in that regard. If I lose legal or physical control of the Vehicle, I shall inform You within four hours and if necessary, take appropriate measures to ensure recovering legal and physical control of the Vehicle. You may take any and all actions in the interests of protecting Your rights including taking action in the My name. The costs incurred as a result of any action as stated herein are to be borne by Me and payment for this cost shall be appropriated from the Security Deposit held by You and if the Security Deposit amount fall short of payments due, then the I shall be liable to pay the same upon receipt of notice of demand in that behalf
(15) I shall be liable to pay charges / penalties specified in the Schedule of Charges if I fail to adhere to terms of Use of Vehicle as specified herein below or any other non-compliances as observed by You
(16) Permissible Kilometers once opted at the time of booking of the Vehicle on Hire basis and specified in Reservation Details and thereafter in Booking Confirmation then the same cannot be altered under any circumstances. If I wish to alter the Permissible Kilometers originally opted then I shall have to cancel the original booking and shall have to cause new booking only